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Lilia’s Polynesian Dance Studios specialize in a proven Multi-dance Program for adults and children. Our training techniques, are based on the basic principles of dance: Posture, poise, and balance. Our training will not only make you a great dancer, but it will improve your self-confidence, self-esteem and carriage. You will feel the difference within just a few weeks!
Whether you want to dance purely for recreational purposes or aspire to become a dance performer, we have the class for you! (For current schedule and locations, click here)

All Ages


Children (from 6 years) to Adults. Small classes for maximum individual attention.

All Levels

Beginner/Recreational (Program B)
At the beginning level you will learn easy, fully choreographed routines that will teach you not only the vocabulary and step patterns of the dances, but also their cultural background and meaning.

Advanced/Performing (Program A) A fast-track program for students wishing to enter the performing dance company.

Professional/Performing - As the most sought-after Polynesian dance troupe, we offer our professional dancers great performance opportunities locally and abroad.

The beautiful Authentic Dances of Polynesia!

Maori (New Zealand)
Gentle hand dances and skillful poi balls and stick games!

Exciting coconut and clap/slap dances, Samoan is energetic, lively and fun!

MODERN HULAS - The beautiful hula will capture your heart! Dreamy melodies that tell a love story with beautiful waving hands and gentle hip sways. From the Hapa-haole or English Hula, and the elegant Hula A’uana with the obvious missionary influence to the naughty and sophisticated Hollywood era hulas, you will learn them all!


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