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Do you have a private or corporate function that needs
spectacular entertainment? Let Lilia’s Polynesian Dance Company's award winning dancers transport you and your guests to the magical world of Polynesia.

Among our most popular show productions are:

The Aloha Experience - by far the most popular "party" show. A fast-paced, colourful and entertaining show, featuring songs and dances from Hawaii, New Zealand, Cook Islands and Tahiti, and ending with the all-time favourite Audience Participation. This show delights audiences of all ages!

Journey Through Polynesia - Our mid-size feature show. It features all the songs and dances mentioned above, but it takes a longer tour of the islands, with ancient hulas, romantic slow hulas, Maori hand dances, and the pulsating drum beats of Tahiti, for a true journey through the South Pacific!

Let's Do the Hula - Our "Hula Teach" for children and adult parties. This can be on its own to entertain and teach young and old, or as an add-on to the end of any of our shows for a complete Polynesian experience!

We will also design the show to suit your own needs!

Outdoors! Indoors! All Year Round! Authentic Dances! Fabulous costumes!

Lilia's Polynesian Dance Company Folkfest 2004

Folkfest 2004

Tahitian Hura
Tahitian Hura

Lilia's Polynesian Dance Company Classic Hula
Classic Hula!


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